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            Today is 2021-9-16, Welcome to the web ANHUI WODE VALVE MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD Website: www.tgbqt.com

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            A common fault of the valve

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            Bending failure 1 valve rod
            We occasionally encountered in maintenance of engine valve rod bending condition, the failure of valve-train is more jump drive belt tooth or fracture, lead to the operation of the piston and the valve are not synchronized, so as to make the ascending and descending of piston valve collision, lead to valve rod bending deformation. To meet this kind of failure, generally need to replace the valve, at the same time need to check valve pipe and piston connecting rod mechanism.
            Fault 2 burn oil valve seal sealing performance becomes poor
            Caused by valve seal sealing performance variation of engine oil burning failure is common in our repair process. Some vehicles because of engine with high temperature, because the body of the valve seal is rubber, resulting in rubber by high temperature after the performance, thus cause the loss of sealing oil leakage; Some vehicles valve seal oil leakage reason is when the replacement valve seal installation process error, lead to valve seal is damaged; Also some vehicle malfunction is the cause of valve seal quality closes nevertheless.
            Fault 3 valve noise is larger
            Valve noise is big and we often encounter failure, the failure occurs on the need to manually adjust the valve clearance of the vehicle. Engine use increases with time, we need to regularly check the valve clearance, once the valve clearance is too large, will cause the engine valve rocker arm and the clearance between the valve rod is too large, resulting in a different sound.



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